Definition: "Demand Chain" - The marketing, sales, service, and logistics functions that connect a business with its customers. 

"DemandEdge has the experience and wisdom to understand the demand chain."

Esther Dyson    


The Challenge

Companies are under ever-increasing pressure to automate more and more of the demand chain customer-facing elements – the marketing, sales and service functions – of their business. But often, it’s hard to know which enterprise systems can give you a real return on your investment. You’d like to have your best people get the answers to these critical questions, but they’re too busy. You need a SWAT team you can depend on. You need DemandEdge.

Systems Consulting Services

DemandEdge can get you the answers to your critical systems questions, fast. Whether you fit a pure CRM model or you need one of the emerging DCM solutions, we can help. Whether you need to know how to make a quick fix to existing systems or you need to know what your long-term systems roadmap should be, we can deliver. Whatever your question we can get the answer for you. And once it’s found, we can project manage any implementation, integration, and deployment effort.

  • What can CRM do for us?
  • Our CRM implementation isn’t working. Now what?
  • Given our new strategies, what should we do with our CRM systems?
  • Some of our internal processes are out of control, what can we do to improve them?
  • We’ve heard about some new applications, will they work for us?
  • How can we use systems to improve our relationships with our reseller partners?
  • After the merger, how can we best align our systems?
We understand that unless system are completely aligned to the needs of your strategies and your people. they rarely deliver a measurable return-on- investment. Using our advanced methodologies, we can quickly determine how your strategies and your organization drive the data, process, and activity requirements for your CRM and DCM systems. And from those requirements, we can quickly identify the CRM and DCM systems you need.

Because we are demand chain experts first and systems experts second, we know what does and does not work. And we are ideally positioned to balance and align the needs of your demand chain teams and your IT organization.

We stay informed on the latest technologies, trends, and legal requirements. We maintain knowledge bases on all of the top applications. And we leverage all of that expertise to make systems work for you.

And, as we’re not driven by integration revenues you can be sure we’ll recommend the simplest, most cost-effective solution.

No matter what your critical systems question is DemandEdge can get you the right answer, fast.