Definition: "Demand Chain" - The marketing, sales, service, and logistics functions that connect a business with its customers. 

"DemandEdge has the experience and wisdom to understand the demand chain."

Esther Dyson    


The Challenge

Sometimes you know all the answers. But sometimes there are some critical questions that you just don’t have the resources to get answered properly. Sometimes those questions relate to small pieces of your overall strategy. Sometimes they are big questions relating to sales channels or campaign effectiveness. You know you have to get the right answers, but you need a resource that can get them for you. You need a SWAT team you can depend on. You need DemandEdge.

Strategy Consulting Services

DemandEdge helps senior management in marketing, sales and service roles get the right answers to their critical questions, fast. Our team has a wide range of capabilities and experiences with a wide range of demand chains - from Internet to retail, to value-added resellers, to two- and three-tier distribution, to direct enterprise sales. Whether your questions relate to your industry, market, category, competition, brand, value proposition, customers, sales channels or campaigns, we can help. Whether they are small questions that take 3 days to answer or big questions that take 3 months to answer, we can deliver.

  • What is the right growth strategy?
  • How compelling is our value proposition?
  • Who will buy our new value proposition?
  • How do we get our customers to buy more?
  • Are our sales channels competitive?
  • Are we getting the right return-on-investment from our marketing and sales programs?
  • Do we need bigger budgets or can we cut them?
  • After the merger, how can we best align our strategies?
Our approach to answering critical strategy questions goes well beyond ‘gut-feel and experience’. Using our advanced strategy methodology, we rapidly execute the appropriate level of primary and secondary research to ensure the answers we provide are always based on sound logic and the best possible data.

We always leverage the domain expertise of you and your people, customers, partners, resellers, and ‘industry experts’. And, we use our position as an independent firm to uncover facts about you and your competitors that your own people may never have access to.

At DemandEdge, we pride ourselves on being fast, efficient, and effective at getting the right answers to our clients’ critical strategy questions. And we have decades of experience doing just that.