Definition: "Demand Chain" - The marketing, sales, service, and logistics functions that connect a business with its customers. 

"DemandEdge has the experience and wisdom to understand the demand chain."

Esther Dyson    


The Challenge

While the top companies in the world use ‘performance measurement models’ built on Key Performance Indicators to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their demand chain strategies, organizations, and systems, few companies can afford to make the initial and ongoing investment in the methodologies, IT systems, and internal ‘operations support’ staffing that level of sophistication requires. Now, DemandEdge can deliver that level of sophistication to its clients.

Performance Measurement Services

Imagine knowing, within days of the close of every month, exactly how well your marketing, sales, services and logistics organizations and activities are responding to the changing dynamics of your markets, your sales channels, and your customers. DemandEdge’s Performance practice makes that possible – so you’ll always stay ahead of the curve, and the competition.

Using our advanced strategy, organization, and systems methodologies, we build an initial ‘performance measurement model’, or PM model, which captures the unique structure and underlying performance drivers, or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), of your demand chain. We gather the information through interviews, data analysis, process analysis, systems analysis, surveys, and general secondary market research. We analyze all the components of your entire demand chain – strategies, people, and systems – and integrate them into one holistic mathematical model that details your current operation and all of the KPI’s that drive it. Then we compare your KPI’s against our database of industry best practices and, as needed, recommend improvements. And, we can continue to track those KPI’s month-to-month, thereby quickly identifying what’s working and what’s not working on an ongoing basis.

If you don’t have an existing demand chain, we can build your PM model in parallel with developing your overall strategy. We leverage our best practices database to put realistic data behind the initial KPI assumptions. Then, as the strategy is executed, those assumptions can be tweaked and tuned until your demand chain is completely optimized and you have real data around which to grow it.

The result is an ability to ensure that your organizations are highly efficient and effective, your campaign budgets are optimized, your sales channels are optimized, and your customer segments are loyal and providing the growth opportunities your business plan demands. Imagine the piece of mind that comes from knowing that everything is on-track and under control. And imagine getting that piece of mind for a small fraction of your ongoing demand chain budget. That’s the kind of return-on-investment everyone dreams of, and one our Performance practice can deliver.