Definition: "Demand Chain" - The marketing, sales, service, and logistics functions that connect a business with its customers. 

"DemandEdge has the experience and wisdom to understand the demand chain."

Esther Dyson    


The Challenge

As business becomes ever more competitive, few marketing, sales, and service executives have the resources available to properly answer their critical questions about strategies, organizations, and systems. It’s getting more and more tempting to take shortcuts even though they can lead to bad decisions. But there’s never a good time to assign your best people to answer those critical questions. You need a SWAT team you can depend on. You need DemandEdge.

Services Overview

Our Strategies practice is skilled at answering critical strategy questions. Whether you need answers about your markets, categories, competition, brands, value propositions, customers, sales channels, or campaigns we manage the research, analyze the findings, and develop the conclusions and recommendations you need, fast.

Our People practice can answer your critical organization questions. Whether your questions relate to organizational structure, talent, or processes, we can get the answers you need. Whether your organization is large or small, centralized or de-centralized, internal or outsourced, we can help.

Our Systems practice excels at answering critical systems questions. Whether your questions relate to existing or future CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or DCM (Demand Chain Management) systems, we can help.

Our Performance practice can develop and manage a ‘performance measurement model’ for your entire demand chain — the strategies, people, and systems. By identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that drive your demand chain, we can help you constantly keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ of what’s working or not.

Sometimes your critical questions relate to strategies, people, or systems. Sometimes they relate to all three. You know you could get the right answers by assigning your best people, but it’s never the right time.

At DemandEdge, our goal is to become the external SWAT team you rely on to answer your critical questions about strategies, people, systems, and performance. With our extremely high ratio of partners to other consultants, you can be sure of getting the right level of support whenever those ‘special projects’ come up. And you can be sure we will always deliver the highest quality answers, fast. Let’s talk.