Definition: "Demand Chain" - The marketing, sales, service, and logistics functions that connect a business with its customers. 

"DemandEdge has the experience and wisdom to understand the demand chain."

Esther Dyson    


The Value Chain

Michael Porterís Value Chain (1985) describes the high-level interrelationship between a business' key operations or activities that are involved in delivering value to that business' customers.

The 5 primary activities add value between a business' suppliers and its customers.

The support activities are there to facilitate the primary value chain activities.

A logical progession of the value chain concept has been its subdivision into two interconnected, yet often discrete, components - the supply chain and the demand chain.

At DemandEdge, our focus is the demand chain. And we use sophisticated methodologies to help us answer any critical questions related to demand chain strategies, people, and systems.

For an overview of the methodologies we use, click here.

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