Bruce Fredrickson
Strong Entrepreneurial Business Building Experience: 30 years ago Bruce Fredrickson wrote a business plan to IBM suggesting he build a company to help them launch their personal computers into the home. When they financed the plan, as CEO of that company, he set up 86 training centers in every state in the US, recruited and trained staff, developed the training materials, and negotiated contracts with over 50 Colleges and Universities to offer credit for the training in less than 8 months from the time the agreement was signed. Since that time Mr. Fredrickson has been involved in starting and managing a number of other successful companies from scratch in his career. In the process he has been CEO of 5 companies. He has also served on the corporate boards of numerous private and public corporations (including one company that went public at a valuation of many billions of dollars that was later sold to Sony and Phillips).

Strong Channels Experience: In the Mid 80’s Mr. Fredrickson joined, as the head of marketing and product evaluation, a small distributor of technology and software products that was losing a million dollars a month. When he cashed out of that company in the 90’s, as the head of marketing, it had become a multi-billion company and the largest distributor of technology products in the world with operations in 37 countries. That company, Ingram Micro, today is number 69 on the Fortune 500 list. He has continued to this day, as a consultant, to advise other companies throughout the world on Demand Chain Management which is the management of distribution, sales, marketing, service and logistics. His clients have included companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, IBM, Motorola, HP and numerous other fortune 500 companies. They have also included startup up companies and small companies in many different industries. And, it has included serving as a consultant for many years to the Australian Trade Commission. Successes include advising Netscape on the launch of 1.0 and 2.0 versions of their products, HP on entering the consumer retail market, Rand McNally on entering the digital market, Kaspersky (the Russian Anti-Virus Software company) on entering the US market, Phillips on launching a backup drive solution, Ultimate Support on succeeding in the bicycle accessories marketplace and dozens of others. He is currently launching a series of products into the US retail market designed for individuals intimidated by technology under the brand name “No Geek Needed”

Strong International Experience: With over 6 million miles of air travel Mr. Fredrickson has traveled and worked in over 75 countries on every continent except Antarctica in his career. The year before last he keynoted the Indo-American Chamber of Conference’s CEO conference for Indian CEO’ s in New Delhi on how to set up distribution and sell into the North American Market. He has, over the years, run workshops and conferences on similar topics throughout the world in North America, South America, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. He was also the senior marketing officer at the largest distributor of technology products in the world with operations in 37 countries. In his consulting work he has worked with companies from the US, to Moscow, to Australia helping to set up channels of distribution and selling.

Strong Business Analysis/Product Analysis: He started his career as a member of the Home Brew Computer Club in Palo Alto in the 70’s. At Ingram Micro he was responsible for the product and business analysis group that made the decisions about what business areas and what products Ingram Micro would bring on and support as a company. Since that time he has been involved in planning the launch and developing the channels for over 100 companies. This has provided him with both solid business analysis/planning skills and a solid understanding of technology.

Strong Communicator/Teacher: Mr. Fredrickson has during his career lectured at over 30 colleges and universities including at Harvard in the MBA program and at the Stanford Business School for an international audience seeking to do business in the US. He has also, as indicated above, given over a hundred workshops and speeches throughout the US, Europe and the World on various topics during his career.